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Archive - S - Stevie Ray Vaughan - The Sky Is Crying (2) free guitar backing track

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drmarv Jun 02 2018, 11:11 AM reply
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It's so good by itself, let alone SRV feel to it.

thanks for the upload!
OrangeGoblin Jul 23 2018, 04:59 AM reply
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No problemo...
GaryL Aug 04 2018, 02:43 AM reply
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OrangeGoblin: You have great material for those of us that seek backing tracks to play along with at home. I noticed you have a few live performance tracks. Have you ever considered doing a live-style track of Alvin Lee's Ten Years After Woodstock performance of song "I'm Going Home"? Many guitars players believe this to be one of the summits of great guitar picking. Can you do it? Thanks and keep up the great work!! ---Gary
zepphead87 May 18 2019, 11:42 PM reply
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Again you totally nailed it. Every time I see your name I don't even need to listen first. Thanks for another one man!
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