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Archive - S - Santo & Johnny - Sleepwalk free guitar backing track

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NoggintheNog Apr 26 2019, 11:02 PM reply
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What Effing use is this site? "Download as MP3" DOES NOT download ANYTHING. After a few tries I'm told I've reached my limit! Limit of what???? Nothing downloaded!!!!! So I guess this is another of those "Free" sites that's not Free until you pay for it!!
drluisckq Apr 27 2019, 12:39 AM reply
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i don't even speeck eanglish!!
alexd225 May 07 2020, 06:06 AM reply
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like the backing track, but agree with above: it doesn't download anything playable. Then they tell you you need to upload your own backing track (who the hell knows how to do that -- or wants to!) to download more than 3. Wish they told you this before you sign up. This site is basically unusable
Netgerm Jan 08 2021, 03:11 PM reply
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No, you don't pay for anything on this site. If took the time to read FAQ, you have to contribute at least 1 backing track to have unlimited downloads. Don't be a freeloader. If this site is unusable, then make your own or go somewhere else.
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