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Archive - R - Radiohead - Reckoner (3) free guitar backing track

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gbgirardi Jan 13 2020, 10:15 PM reply
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Hey, man! Great work, but I wonder why did you keep the guitar. I would like very much to busk with this, but I would need the guitar to be removed from the track. Karaoke-version dot com dont have it. Can you contact me? I want very much to buy your guitar removal, and/or a minute of your time teaching me how to do. Please e-mail me at guilhermebgirardi at gmail dot com.
gbgirardi Jan 13 2020, 10:16 PM reply
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PS: If anyone that reads this know a simple method for guitar removal, you can answer to my e-mail, or here (which I'll only read next year). Thanks a lot!
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