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Author Topic: Marshall AS-100D Combo Amp  (Read 2397 times)

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Marshall AS-100D Combo Amp
« on: February 07, 2016, 06:11:03 pm »
(I posted this review on Musician's Friend.  Thought ya'all here would benefit by it as well.)

First the negatives -- input/output sections. Hey guys -- RCA jacks on the aux in? Really? MP3 players use mini jacks. Add one! Carrying around a collection of adapters is sorta asking for something essential to be left behind. As for outputs -- really guys? Have you heard of USB? ADD ONE! Beyond those two negatives this amp is a smash hit, for reasons explained below.

I've been in music since S & H Green Stamps got my first guitar from Montgomery Wards. In this case, I wanted an all-in-one. Here's how it's being used.

Recording: If I need to run a 12 string track (see below), or even a banjo, simply running a microphone into the amp, and getting proper position near the resonator/head gives a really full harmonic experience.  I also like what happens with an acoustic guitar that has the built-in electronics.  This Amp really delivers options, and with recording you simply cannot have enough options available.  Sometimes you want to pan one acoustic sound left, and another to the right -- but simplify the rigging required.  This amp makes that possible, both with the stereo balanced outputs, and otherwise (like into a PA for more FX).

Ministry: For a home fellowship, we wanted multiple inputs (piano/organ, microphone, guitar & MP3 player). Done. For a small meeting room, this nails it. Preacher on the mic, pianist, or canned music with plenty of headroom in other channels. Sound is top-shelf. As for music quality-- every frequency is right where it is needed. Put a second mic up there for audience questions/participation, and route the audio output over into the video recording computer (Wirecast)and you can do live streaming. (Just figure out how to get the 1/4" outs into USB.)

Education: Direct out from laptop into amp (just remember the RCA adapter) and the sound is perfect. USB the laptop to a projector and you are in biz for up to 100 people, no problem. High-end Sennheiser microphone on the lecturer, and the vocal-speaking voice sound is outstanding.

Music Instruction: plug in two pianos or guitars at once, you have an instant music school. Two mics, give vocal lessons. No more lugging around pairs (or more) of amplifiers or PA. Add a small mixer that actually HAS flexibility with more ins/outs, and no doubt this is a serious tool for more advanced recording applications.

One-man-band: MP3 player into aux in, and split the signal of the double-neck guitar to a pair of floor effects units. Run the 12 string side into a Boss acoustic modeling gadget (AC-3), and route that output into one of the instrument inputs. Run the 6 string side into a floor multi-effect switch bank (i.e. Digitech, etc.), and route that into a second instrument input channel. Hot, mellow, crunch or whatever, nailed it! (Vocals get their own channel as well, and you are in biz for small venues or rehersals.)

Summary: I rate it a solid 4.75 stars, missing the last 1/2 star only because someone forgot modernisms of USB and Mini in/out. If you can make the AS100D 2.0 model, PLEASE add those essential ingredients!!! Otherwise, recommend people pick up a USB mixer as a side-bar, just to get the hot signal into other gear (computer mainly).

This is light years ahead of a mere "acoustic amp." The sound quality of this Marshall trumps numerous other items costing far more, including full mini PA rigs. This IS a PA system, in addition to many other possible applications. Being almost self contained (with a side case of adapter gadgets), there isn't much on the small scale you can't do with it. Worth every penny, particularly when you need to switch gears depending on what day of the week it is.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


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Re: Marshall AS-100D Combo Amp
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2016, 12:38:15 pm »
Never really liked Marshalls, and they went so far as to make digital amps these days. Short of money my guess  :D
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Marshall AS 100D Combo Amp
« Reply #2 on: July 15, 2018, 09:27:16 am »
I had a Marshall Lead 12 combo and it said Made In England right on the back of the chassis.  I traded that amp in for a Peavey Classic 20.  Both were great amps that I wish I still had.  If the Lead 12 combo was made in the UK if bet the mini stack was as well.  A lot of solid state amps have real thin chassis but the Marshal had a nice heavy duty galvanized steel chassis.  It was built for some heavy use.


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