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Author Topic: My first submission  (Read 4283 times)

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My first submission
« on: July 18, 2020, 02:25:10 pm »
Nice place.  I like the concept of contributing together.  Lots of great backing tracks, thanks to admin and all!

I submitted my first backing track last week, and I forgot to add a couple comments, so, posting stuff here.  :)
I uploaded the Lou Reed song "Rock and Roll", and then realized it's actually from Velvet Underground. 
I used the remastered version on YouTube as a reference, but I changed the fade out at the end. 

I usually use my 1990's era Boss JS-5 Jam Station as my backup band, which is a great machine. 
Lately I've been recording them as mp3's, and then doing a bit of WAV editing, if neccessary.

So, I'll try to post some more songs here, when I can invent a machine that stretches time for me so I have some extra time...   :D

Blessings,  Gary


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