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Author Topic: Without the F Vocals  (Read 2486 times)

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Without the F Vocals
« on: November 09, 2019, 03:21:40 pm »
I have been a member here for ages -- and still have a rough time "finding what I need" for assorted projects.  If you run over the songs collected here that are from F vocalists, the lion's share of them are posted WITH a vocal track.  I know, that's great for guitar players, but if I am training a new F- vocalist for the band, or a duo project, etc. -- it would be outstanding if some of them would just exist without the F vocal track.  Yeah, no guitar either -- that helps me play along with and train her vocally (and improve my own chops as well).  There are LOTS of classic & contemporary F-vocal groups that our band covers, but are not represented here in the backing tracks mix.   Seriously, NOTHING by Madonna?  She oughta have at least a dozen, if not 50. What about Kesha?  Missing a bunch of viable Miley Cyrus.  Any song-builders here ... there are a ton of possible/desirable songs missing, or if they are posted, there's a vocal track in the way.  Here's a little list of stuff that would be groovy.  Feel free to give me a shout if something gets added.  :)  (Love ya guys -- keep up the great work!  I have a new audio interface for the DAW here, and might try making something (if I could ever figure out the Alesis SR-18 ...lol))

Automatic [1982 - Go Go’s]
Black Cat [Janet Jackson](1989)
Black Horse & A Cherry Tree (K.T. Tunstall - 2005)
Blown Away (Carrie Underwood)
Edge of a Broken Heart [1988 - Vixen]
Express Yourself [Madonna - 1989]
Get This Party Started [2001 - Pink]
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (1983 - Cindy Lauper)
Goodbye to You (1982 - Scandal)
Hot N Cold [2008 - Katy Perry]
I Hate Myself For Loving You [Joan Jett] (1988)
I Kissed a Girl [Katy Perry - 2008]
I Know There’s Something Going On [1982 - Frida]
I Live In The City [Electric Angels] (1990-ASCAP)
La Isla Bonita [Madonna]
Love Shack [1989 - B-52's]
Material Girl [1984 Madonna]
Million Reasons [Lady Gaga - 2016]
Our Lips Are Sealed [1981 - Go Go’s ]
Perfect Together
Party In The USA [Miley Cyrus]
Rock Hard [1980 - Suzi Quatro]
She’s In Love With You [Suzy Quatro] (1979)
Take It Off [Kesha - 2010]
Touch Me [Samantha Fox - 1986]
Travelin’ Soldier (Dixie Chicks - 2002)
Walk Like An Egyptian [1986 - Bangles] (BMI)
Wrecking Ball [Miley Cyrus - 2013]
You Belong With Me [Taylor Swift - 2008]
Harden My Heart [Quarterflash](1981-ASCAP)
Find Another Fool [Quarterflash](1982-ASCAP)
Dreaming (Blondie - 1979)
One Way Or Another [Blondie] (1978-ASCAP)
Rapture (Blondie)


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Re: Without the F Vocals
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2019, 07:48:12 am »
Most of mine don't have vocals but i haven't done many or really any of those songs.

Here's one you requested...


I recorded a couple on your list tonight but most contributors upload shit we love to play, so maybe you can hit us with those madonna tracks. we'll take them...


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Re: Without the F Vocals
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2020, 01:30:27 am »
check out the madonna section now..


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