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Backing Tracks / Interactive Backing Tracks 1.0
« on: February 28, 2017, 06:38:10 pm »

We are happy to present to you 10 brand new Multitrack Backing Tracks created by Ultimate Guitar&GuitarBackingTrack team of professional musicians with passion and love.
Here's the link ---> https://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/multitrack/index
Hope you will enjoy playing with these tracks!
As always, your feedback is most welcome!
Please take the survey ---> https://goo.gl/forms/zR2kK9xdt2IouExv2
or shoot your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on imporvements right in this topic!

1. Sorry guys, but due to technical reasons, multitrack backing tracks are available only in Chrome and Firefox web browsers. The link won't work for other browsers.
2. Multitrack Backing Tracks do take some time (15-20 sec maximum) to load.
We are working to overcome these technical problems  ;)

Stay tuned for more new cool features!

Backing Tracks / Feedback Needed! The new submit page.
« on: December 10, 2016, 01:55:44 pm »
So guys we've redesigned the submit form a little bit -->  http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/submit.php

We really need your feedback about it and kindly ask you to share your thoughts with us!
We belive now it looks somewhat cooler and allows to state additional metainformation which a lot of users have been asking for.

First of all it's the "tuning"  and "BPM"
We've also added "genre" and "difficulty" as in future we are planning to have collections which will allow you to find something suitting your taste and skill more easily.

While we're thinking how to attach the new info of guitar tuning and tempo to the old backing tracks (15k), we think it's good if all new BTs will be added to the website with these fields already filled in at the submission stage :)

For now new info of
- tuning
- genre
- difficulty
is still not visible the player's page however this information you state at submission is recorded in our database.
As soon as we finish work on the player these fields will be visible there along with the key.

We hope to roll out the new player page too next week  8)

Backing Tracks / Feedback needed! Improving the player page.
« on: December 09, 2016, 05:16:56 pm »
So guys,
We are working on a new design of the  player right now and want to ask your opinion.

What information is most valuable on the player? And Why?

- number of views
- Author's description
- genre
- guitar tuning
- difficulty
- key

Please also feel free to state any other type of metainformation.

Please share your thoughts with us.
Your feedback will be very much appreciated.

Announcements / Limit on the number of downloads a day.
« on: October 27, 2016, 10:50:30 am »
As most of you guys know, GuitarBackingTrack.com has been dealing with licensing and royalty issues for awhile now.
You can learn more about this situation here and here. We are making good progress with the music publishers who own and control the copyrights of the songs that our backing tracks use, which is positive.
However, offering unlimited, free-to-download backing tracks to everyone is not a sustainable business. We need to pay a significant royalty for each download of a backing track. In order to help reduce our costs and try to keep GuitarBackingTrack.com free we are forced to limit the number of downloads to 3 per day. As always though, you can stream BTs online as much as you like absolutely free and with no restriction!
Rest assured, we're planning to keep GuitarBackingTrack.com free in the future and are working hard to add new features and functions to improve the site. If you haven't seen it yet, we recently implemented a BT comments section so that you could say thanks to the Authors and share your opinions about their tracks. More new cool free features are coming in near future!
We welcome your input and thoughts on this issue. We are trying to figure out how we can provide a site that meets your needs as musicians while simultaneously balancing the licensing and royalty challenges. What do you do with the backing tracks once you download them? Do you just listen to them and see if they meet your needs and then delete the ones you don't like? Do you download a bunch at once and then listen later? Getting a better notion of how you guys use downloaded BTs may help us work out a better way to manage royalties and licensing issues, so we hope to get some feedback from you.
Thanks for being with GuitarBackingTrack.com and for your understanding!

General Discussion / Comments to Backing Tracks!
« on: October 26, 2016, 09:41:01 am »
Hey guys!
Something has changed today!

We've finally implemented the comments!
Now you can say thanks to the Author of the backing tracks you love! :)

Also feel free to discuss the backing track and ask questions you have about it!

Stay tuned for more new features really soon!

Backing Tracks / Interactive Backing Tracks
« on: October 24, 2016, 05:37:36 pm »
Hey guys!
So what do you think if we modernized our player a little bit and allowed users to turn off and on instruments being played in the backing track?
Would you be willing to send to us separate mp3 files for each instrument line?

Share your thoughts and suggestions here!

Announcements / Backing Track Author's name.
« on: October 18, 2016, 06:38:59 pm »
So guys, we're going to implement some new features to the website pretty soon!

In fact we already have done some minor changes!
I think some of you noticed that now on the Submit page you don't need to fill out Author's name and email if you're logged into your GuitarBackingTrack.com account.
That's right. Now if you're logged in, your submission gets attached to your GBT.com account automatically. 

That's is done so because in perspective we're going to implement a proper profile section where you'll be able to see all stats concerning all the tracks you've submitted.

However now we're facing a small problem.
Some Backing Track Authors have been continuously submitting their BTs without having a GBT account with the same name which they stated as Author.

For example someone was logged on GBT.com under "GuitarGod" but stated BT's Author name as "MichaelJ".

We offer two options for you if you recognize that scenario described above is your case.

Option 1.
Please register a new GBT.com account with the same name that you used to state as Author's name.
After that please send an email to me saying something like this:
"Hey guys, I've registered an account with username which I state as BT's author's name. Please attach all submissions submitted by me to my newly created  GBT account with the same name"

Option 2.
If you don't mind that all your Backing Tracks change Author's name to your current GBT.com username, please send to me the following email:
"Hey there, I used to submit tracks with Author's name being "xxxxxx", however my GBT.com account is under username "yyyyyyy". Please transfer my tracks to my account "yyyyyyy".

If you don't have an account at all, please register a GBT.com account which you want to be associated with your submissions from now on.
In this case we'll need some proves that you're indeed a submitter of tracks in question.

You can also ask questions here and I am sure we'll work something out if you have any problems.

Rock on!

Backing Tracks / Backing Track Guide
« on: October 17, 2016, 06:25:55 pm »
Hey Guys!
How about compiling a nice guide on how to make backing tracks?
We believe a good guide would definitely allow more guitarists to create new backing tracks and share them!

Do you know any existing guides featuring various DAWs and VST plugins on the Internet?
Share your experience and useful links here!
I am sure we'll come up with a cool guide eventually.

Announcements / Problems with new tracks on 11-15 Oct
« on: October 11, 2016, 05:01:42 pm »
Hey Guys,
we are doing some technical maintenance on the website.
Due to it backing tracks submitted from 8th Oct til 11th Oct have not being added to the catalog.

Really sorry guys!
We'll add them all on 12th Oct.

It took a little bit longer, but now new backing tracks are being added to the website!

Stay tuned!

So guys this has officially happened!

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Nikita and I'll be the new Webmaster with same old duties and responsibilities! :)
So all your reports and of course contributions are welcomed as always!

I want once again to thank Oddgeir for his cooperation with the transition of the website to our team!
Oddgeir has provided us with a good list of requests and suggestions on improvements he has been receiving during all these years and we have examined it carefully. So some improvements are not far off!

Please feel free to reply to this topic and share your thoughts on the event!  :)

In order to invite more people to GBT.com community we've posted an article on Ultimate-Guitar.com!
In fact we also have some other ways to get more audience to the terrific archive of backing tracks of GBT.com and soon we're expecting a lot newcomers to the community!

I hope you'll enjoy the article!   

Ultimate Guitar has purchased GBT.com / Copyright issues (history)
« on: July 03, 2016, 01:23:14 pm »
Hi fellow guitarists,

you might have discovered that some tracks are missing from the site. This is due to copyright issues and I am working on resolving the situation. This is also the reason for the lack of new tracks recently. Sorry to all that have submitted tracks recently.

This site was started almost 10 years ago as there were no good guitar backing track sites that were easy to use and had a decent amount of tracks. The idea was to provide free guitar backing tracks on a user-friendly site so that you guys could rock out in your bedrooms. With help from a bunch of talented backing track makers the site has grown and over 14000 tracks has been submitted!

A few weeks ago I received a DMCA notice that required me to take som tracks down. I removed the tracks and a few days later I received a new one for another set of tracks. I contacted the sender and am now in dialogue with them about copyright issues. It turns out that all tracks from all artists are in breach of copyright, even if it is just a drum track or a bass line. I have investigated this myself now, and it seems they are right. I was blissfully unaware of this.

So, now I am trying to negotiate a licensing deal. If successful, the site will stay up in its current form. If not, I am not sure what to do. I will keep you posted!


General Discussion / Techincal issues today
« on: August 09, 2013, 05:53:33 pm »
Hi guys,

I've had some technical issues with the site today resulting in some downtime and users being redirected to a parking site. The reason is a poorly configured DNS server after a domain transfer. It should be all fixed now, but the changes will still take a few hours to fully propagate throughout the web. Please let me know if you see any issues.

I apologize for the inconvenience...


General Discussion / 10.000 track milestone!
« on: May 01, 2013, 01:24:05 pm »
Hi guys,

thanks to all of your submissions we are now serving more than 10.000 guitar backing tracks and this site is the largest guitar backing track site in the world by far!

I would like to thank all of the submitters for the great quality tracks you have submitted. A special thanks goes to apefist and mel-loguitars for their latest contributions causing the number of tracks to exceed 10k. Keep up the good work!


General Discussion / New onsite player
« on: November 04, 2012, 03:02:35 pm »
Hi guys,

I am working on a new, better onsite player that will work on the majority of platforms/browsers. It is HTML5-based with a fallback option to Flash for older browsers and it is based on JPlayer (the old one was Flash-only).

You can access the new player by clicking the "Beta-test our new onsite player" link below the old player when playing a track.

Please try it out and let me know what you think. Feedback can be given in the forum (just reply to this post) or via the contact form. Even if it works fine please let me know that you have tried it.

The new player is supposed to work as before, but I have gotten rid of a few Flash-related bugs the old player had. Since it is HTML5-based it also works on Android and iOS devices. And I now have the opportunity to add more features in the future.

A quick runthrough of the functionality (how it is supposed to work):
  • Play/pause button starts and stops playing.
  • Stop button stops playing and returns to the start of the track.
  • AB button sets an A-B loop. First click sets A. Second click sets B and starts the loop. Third click stops looping.
  • The progress bar can be clicked to jump to that time in the track.
  • Below the progress bar is a volume bar that can be clicked to chenge volume (This does not work on mobile devices).

Any suggestions for how to make it better is also welcome.

EDIT: The player is now launched. Please let me know if anything isn't working as it should!


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