Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I jam along to these tracks and add a video/audio recording of it
on YouTube/MySpace or similar?

A: Yes, you can. All I ask is that you clearly state where you got the tracks from.
The tracks cannot be used for commercial purposes without the artist's permission though,
please contact the artist management for information about releasing cover versions etc.

Also, if you make a video or audio recording of yourself playing along to one of the
tracks from this site, please consider adding a link in Jam Center in the forum.

Q: Why haven't you added the track I requested?

A: Making backing tracks is time consuming and with the number of requests coming in I have
no way of being able to fill all. Making the request in the Request Backing Tracks section
of the forum will make the request available for more users and it will be more likely that
someone will be able to do the track.

Q: What kind of software do you use to remove the guitar?

A: There is no easy way of making backing tracks, no magic software that removes the guitar.
The tracks are made in many ways, ranging from beefed-up MIDI files to manual recording of
every instrument. The quality will of course vary, but hey, it's all free!

Q: How can I know which key a backing track is in?

A: Currently, there is no way other than using your ear to figure out which key it is in.
I am working on a way to tag the tracks with the key information, but it is not top priority.

Q: How can you provide all these tracks for free?

A: The site is supported by advertisements. The ads help pay for the servers and bandwidth.
All backing tracks are submitted by users of the site.

Q: Where are all the Joe Satriani tracks?

A: Due to legal reasons I was forced to take down all Joe Satriani guitar backing tracks.
Please do not request or submit tracks by this specific artist.

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